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When I Was Thirteen

When I was thirteen I stole something from a store and got caught. Mom & dad were furious and grounded me. It was summer and I wasn't allowed to leave the house. Mom was home but she was busy on her typewriter. Dad came home from work on his lunch break and came into my room. I had already been grounded a few days by this time. He offered a spanking as way to get my days being grounded reduced. I agreed because I didn't feel like a child anymore, and a spanking wouldn't really hurt. It's difficult to tell this.
Anyhow, he told me to take off my jeans, and I did. He sat on my bed and tried to put me over his knee but I propped myself up on my elbows and waited for him to start. He took my panties down and then I felt his hand on my butt. He started tapping his hand but it was light. He was trying to keep the sound low because of what he was about to do. He didn't want us to be disturbed. My dad's fingers touched my vagina a couple times between slaps. It made me laugh. He got angry and then I felt his finger deliberately enter my hole. He started poking at my hymen. It made me feel weird and I knew it was wrong. Everything seemed to get real quiet, except for dad's breathing. I remember his breathing accelerated, and it made me worried. He made me promise to not tell mother. I was nervous, and I promised. With his other hand, my dad took out his penis and made me jerk it. It got big and began getting my hand wet. I didn't understand why he was doing this. He ejaculated into my hands and made me use some clothes from my hamper to clean it off. He kissed me and said some things I can't remember. I was freaked out. I was only grounded for a couple more days then I was done. Only one other time he did stuff with me after that was when I was fifteen and he watched me masturbate as he masturbated. That wasn't the worst experience though. I liked watching it squirt. Once when I was mad I almost told mom about what he did with me. I'll never tell her now though. I still see my dad today, but I won't leave my kids with him alone. I'm sure he knows why.

Emily Family May 22, 2020 at 3:54 am 0 44

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It's brave to tell those things. I'm sorry that happened to you.
Glad you turned out alright. Keep your kids safe.
TheJ-Man 3 years ago
Hmmm I can’t tell if your bragging or confessing? Not trying to be insensitive just the way you tell it, is a little on the fantasy side. “You liked watching it squirt” sounds like you enjoyed it. I’m not passing judgment, if this experience left you scarred, that sucks, but I get the feeling your kinda into it. And who initiated the masturbating? And what was the worse thing? Damn it, if your confessing do it all the way, now I’m curious.
Dj 3 years ago
Yeah, I agree. Sounds like she enjoyed it considering the way she wrote it. So her confession could be that she liked it. I think everybody has stuff like this that happened to them. Most of the stuff is never told, but that is the beauty of the anonymity.
Darren 3 years ago
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