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My daughter Katie just turned 13 and she has become sexually interested in her brother and me (her father). I helped her buy a vibrator in the hopes that it would placate her budding sexuality. I accompanied Katie into an adult store where she verbally identified as 18 and she made her selection. She later asked me to help show her what to do. I told her to ask her mother, but she persuaded me to assist her. I intended to keep my wits but I was weak and got aroused. My daughter used the vibrator and climaxed on her bed in front of me. I took out my penis and began masturbating until she took control. I didn't stop her. I wanted it to happen even though I kind of didn't.

I feel so ashamed. I feel it's hurt our relationship. She was my angel and now she's something else. I guess I have to find a way to be proud she's growing up. This has happened one other time since the first time too, but now I suspect she's **** her 15 year old brother Tyler. I tried to talk to Katie about the dangers of incest and she got mad. And I know she's right; I had no business to bring it up. Then yesterday she told me she wants to give me a blowjob. We're so fucked. I want to crawl into a hole and die now.
anonymous Family June 24, 2019 at 5:50 pm 2 148

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You seriously stupid shit. You best pray you don't piss her off. How you going to reject her when she can burn your world down? Dumb ass. Most guys find a way to say no to their girls. It's at least good she started it, but keep your dick in your pants. As for her **** her brother; not really much you can do about that. He's just lucky.
Eric 4 months ago
I understand girls taking an interest in their father but that's too far. You're the parent! Everything you're doing is a mistake. Get your wife and sit down with your kids and talk to them; separate them if you have to.
Felicia 4 months ago
That doesnt make sense. Seen my bro naked plenty of times up to around her age before but never thought to do anything. I understand the dad attraction but thats about love and wanting to please i think. Would never of seduced him though. So wrong. Is this a generational thing? Ive heard and read a lot of these types of things happening more. Id like to know how old you and your wife are.
Uhhhh 4 months ago
liked this confession only because you shared a real secret. i dont see the big deal if it was consensual but youre still dumb if you let her grab you by the balls. i dont know if you can go back to being her father but it sounds like shes needs discipline. i was hell on my parents when i was her age. never fucked with dad though but my brother and i did stuff. that seems pretty normal from what i know
Narnia 3 months ago
Thought this was kind of hot, an arousing confession. Thanks for sharing.
Carly 3 months ago
Give her the D! Nothing shuts up a teen girl like some man cock.
Dick 3 months ago
I know how you feel. It's difficult to stop a horny teenage girl from going after what she wants but you can't let your daughter seduce you. A lot of this sex with children and incest is circulating in the news, as well as reflecting its popularity through porn, but that doesn't make it right. She obviously consents if she's seducing you but the law won't see it that way. Get help by including your wife and solve these problems in-house. Ground the girl, remove privileges or change her diet. You're not alone, there are groups that can help.
Sam 2 months ago
Don't feel too bad about it dude. Girls are going crazier younger these days. My daughter sucks me off sometimes when we're together but she's 19 now. Thirteen is kind of young for her to be doing that. You have to maintain your dominance as a parent. Don't let her walk all over you, especially if she has daddy issues.
A Dad 2 months ago
OMG! You people. Stop with the incestuous relations already. It's good to confess but also get help.
Melissa 2 months ago
Oh you peeps dont be such prudes. My daughters nearly 4 and she plays with her daddy. Ther is no sexual intrest ofcourse but she liking to explore him and make his dick grow. Shes doing what she want anyway.
Ayanna 2 months ago
seriously it's just head. i don't see problem with doing something like that. if my girl came to me when she was 13 and said she wanted to suck me off i would of let her. i'd never of gotten involved in buying her any sex toys though, somehow that feels more screwed up. You have to know you started it. SHe probably thinks you wanted her and she's trying to please you more. Don't be an idiot. You still have to be her parent.
Mike 2 months ago
Great confession, I know what it's like to have a girl with a father fetish. Our daughter asked what her dad was like when we met. I didn't hold back. We've been very open. I went into detail and she took her interest to haert. They do webcam shows now that are growing in popularity. She's 14 now but passes for older and does it all except vaginal intercourse.
PyroGirl69 2 months ago
Sounds familiar. had a moment of weakness when our daughter was 12. we sat down to watch a movie that was risque, it wasnt porn but it was some French independent film and the subject matter was racey pertaining to a young girl depicted as around 14 having incest among her brothers. the three of us watched it and my wife and I got aroused. she pulled my prick out and I let her. our daughter thought we were being gross and was shy and laughed at us, until she got aroused from watching us. my wife and i had sex while our daughter watched. my wife hopped off me and pushed me toward our daughter when I was going to ejaculate and i sprayed her. she just laughed and tried to get up and away. The wife used to be wild like that and got off on watching our daughter take my semen. our daughter's 26 now. the only other time something happened between me and my daughter was when she was 19, and she went through a time with drug use and wanted money. she kind of cornered me and attacked me while she was on something. i didn't have intercourse with her but she sucked me dry and swallowed. still feel bad about all of it, but these things can happen. Just keep on going, get through life.
Kelly 2 months ago
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