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Way back when i was 15, my mom was pregnant and when her tommy had started bulging out, i remember she'd been 4 and 2/2 months, my panties would get hard bonerfide clitjitz and I had boys coming around a lot for me and my sis she is now 12 or 13 , **** I lost count from the dope and dicks. we hire the cars out and so does pantzy boy, mums jerk boyfriend since she left dad and jizzy and rabbitrooter get out shooting their dicks, it was last summer when it happened, this one morning, i was already in my speedy bikkini and had a large beach ball and towel wrapped around me, i went to let my mom know that I was going over to a friend's house to swim in his back yard pool down the street and she said yes, then as she hugged me goodbye, her tommy touched me and my panties many timese but suddenly got hard in my speedy nikkas, that was when i'd run to my room so fast that i forgot to close my door to masturbate on the phone to my guy and ask him out , then my mom had asked with a smiles on her face 'is your dollybird bothering you sweetie-twittie?' i'd said 'kind of wtf?' she'd asked 'do you feel like tinky with your friend today?' i had said 'wtf, **** off mum' then she had asked me with her piles from her bum falling out after a few times with her tommy, 'do you want to see my tommy? may be that's what's making you bothered? i'd said 'wtf?' again, then she had taken his top off, oh wow, slim legs, little short shorts stretched over basketball size bum, which i could see very little of between the top of shorts and floor, then they invited me to huge it up and feel her tommy, she'd asked how my polly crackers birds going and I was forced to felt, i had said it had still bugs me, then she'd said 'it's okay swampy blonde trashtan, you're a tractor maid, this can happen, you can't help it, sometimes your parents need to tell you get lost with your kids and stop coming around when I need a tommy pilesnight rugrough and hum, it will bother you but get over it.' after a while, i just barely had gotten over it. I just know we are not a family anymore. I am soon having a baby too and you can't stop me.
heshfam Home May 12, 2019 at 1:11 am 2 118

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"English, Motherfucker! Do you speak it!?"

Damn it. You didn't confess shit with your broken-ass rickety-tickety dick-dock Gullah-Ebonical bullshit. That is seriously the most ethnically subcultured nonsensical jargon I've ever read.
JohnnyEnglish 3 years ago
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