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Sexual obsessions

Sexual obsessions

It seems to me that everybody, male or female, have some type of sexual fetish, obsession or fantasy instilled in their brain, gay people included. For myself I'm not sure if its a fetish or obsession. From my early childhood I thought little about anyone seeing me naked. As I got older I began to realize I enjoyed it. I'm not sure exactly the first time I masturbated but think I was 11 or 12. When I was 12 one of my sisters friends saw me naked and although it was accidental I instantly got an erection. That's when I began to intentionally expose myself to girls. I put myself in situations where I was undressed knowing neighbor girls or a lot of my sisters friends would be able to see me. It was more thrilling if was able to have them see me not only naked but watching me masturbate. At about 13/14 I was reckless doing it where my sister and her friend ratted me out to my parents. I was punished several times during my teen years when my parents heard about it. It didn't stop me but I became much more cautious. Many times I was able to make it seem like the girl or girls who did see me nude believed it was their fault. Other times I would falsely apologize saying I didn't know they were nearby or able to see me.

I'm 32 years old now and have had 5 different apartments since I was 23. I moved for 2 reasons, first because I had exposed myself to many females and second, wasn't able to expose myself enough. I have been in my present apartment now for almost 3 years and its perfect for me. As I have gotten older I am more careful then ever fully knowing what I do is not only immoral but illegal. My apartment is a first floor unit and on one side is a wide driveway and in the rear is an alley way leading out to the main road. Lots of people walk by day and night to get to the stores coming out of the apartment complex. I don't keep my windows fully open but just enough for anyone to see into my bedroom and living room. Its been over two years now that I installed cameras focused on the windows. This way I can see on the monitor who is looking into either of those rooms. Most of my waking hours at home I am naked and take advantage of any female willing to peek into my apartment. Its very stimulating to me when I can see them seeing me naked so the monitor is on most of the time. There are some who have seen me masturbate which is also a huge turn on for me.

I have had quite a few girlfriends over the years and never lacked having sex with them. It also allows me to be comfortably naked in front of them and able to expose myself in ways that should be humiliating but instead arousing to me. So rather than a fetish I think it is an obsession I have. At this time I have no conception of how many females have seen me naked in the last 20 years. I rarely expose myself outside of my apartment but occasionally am able to. I have never told anyone about my naked obsession or admitted being an exhibitionist. I keep my body in good shape and know just by looking at myself I am built very well. My penis is only average size and I know 3'' soft with an erection just about 6 1/2''. I've talked about fetishes and/or sexual obsessions with some of my girlfriends and one in particular was addicted to oral sex. So much so she preferred it over intercourse. My present girlfriend admitted she loves having her breasts kissed and nibbled on which I am more than willing to accommodate her. Just by reading articles and other on line confessions and stories there are much more fetishes people adhere to which is just impacted in there mind. Whether it be about spanking, rough sex, anal or oral, and even medical. Some people are addicted to humiliation, masochism, bisexual activity, group sex, wife swapping and many other things. Its amazing how many sex related thoughts we have and how we succumb to them. I'd like to hear what other people think about this and if I'm wrong about it. I have great sex with my present girlfriend but also masturbate often when alone especially after I know a female saw me naked. It simply arouses me. There are several girls I know for a fact that have seen me naked many times and have watched me jerk off. I actually recognize some of them since I can see them looking in off my monitor. That's what really excites me when I know they are intentionally looking in and I can see them. I have had discussions with a few friends both male and female and find most don't want to admit to any one fetish or obsession they may have. Like me, I never admit to anyone what I have been doing all these years.
Nolan Fetishes July 11, 2019 at 12:11 pm 0
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We were all born naked. Clothes shelter us from the cold and elements, but otherwise seem pointless.
Janice 4 years ago
It sounds like a biological tendency, like homosexuality. I have seven mental illnesses I had no control over, so I don't see why exhibitionism would be any different. If all that is okay with the girl you are with I don't see what the problem is. I personally would not want to be with a guy who masturbates often by himself and enjoys exposing himself to other women.
anonymous 4 years ago
I've been exposing myself since I was a kid, and now I'm an older guy. I love to be seen naked and masturbating. I used to be a runner. I'd go to a big city park and find a secluded spot to change into my gear. Many times there would be a lone man in a car, probably wanting to hook up with another man. I would park my van so only he could see me. I'd stand beside the van and take my clothes off. I'd slowly put on my shorts. I'd usually have an erection by the time I got them on, and wouldn't try to hide it. If the guy came over and wanted to play with me, I would let him. When I was running it was impossible to keep my dick and balls inside my shorts, especially if I was hard, because I had cut the lining out. I wouldn't always try to cover myself from passersby. If I sprawled on the grass to rest, I made sure my crotch was entirely visible. It was good to get a blowjob after doing all that.
Phil 2 years ago
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