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My friend gave me her old

My friend gave me her old

My friend gave me her old car. We needed a vehicle, so I was thankful.

It has not been a blessing, but a curse. The tag was $200 which has set us back financially and will cause our rent check to bounce, most likely. The car only takes premium gas which is another expense we can’t really handle. The radiator leaks, which puts antifreeze all over our driveway, which means our cats can no longer go outside. They are miserable from being stuck in the house but I can’t in good conscience let them out where they could walk over the antifreeze-wet cement and lick their paws… because we certainly CANNOT afford expensive vet bills and I don’t want to lose my pets.

So yeah. Free car, such a generous gift. But we can’t afford this FREE car. I don’t know what to do… to give it back or sell it would be an insult to my friend.
nocandos Fetishes January 10, 2022 at 9:51 pm 0
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