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Living with an idiot

Living with an idiot

I'm am a little drunk right now and don't know why I'm even writing about this. To make it shorter let me say I'm 26, white female, never knew who my father is, don't care and now often get hysterical thinking about the 11 months I spent living with Eric. He and my mom got together when I was about 10 or 11. Both did a lot of drugs and booze but my mom also forged bank checks and finally got caught. I just turned 17 at the time and she got sentenced to 32 months of prison time but only served 11 months. Then I was stuck with living with Eric and we ended up moving into a one bedroom dump. It had a bedroom with a really little bathroom and an open doorway into a combination living room and tiny kitchen. Eric was never mean to me but he was always just a dumb guy who I could never get close to. He was obnoxious, incredibly stupid and un educated. I was dealing with a moron and thankfully he was only home a few days week driving a truck out of town. He always left me money for groceries and to pay the rent but when he was home he was a total idiot. He was visibly upset my mom was in jail and obvious he missed her yet I knew from hearing him on phone calls he was involved with other women. He never brought any to our small apartment but he would disappear for days at a time.

Now our apartment, or cramped apartment, I would sleep in the bedroom and he would always sleep on the blue lazy boy recliner. He was never there more then 2 or 3 times a week but he had no concern of how I saw him. Most of the time he was always drunk or high on a drug and would undress and be there naked. It wasn't like a sexual thing it was just that he was stupid. I don't know how my mom ever hooked up with this guy because he is so dumb. Before my mom went to jail I did see Eric naked a couple times but when we moved into that small place I saw him like that every time he was home. He didn't care and I would just see him nude laying on the recliner. The crazy thing is he never had any pubic hair and I don't know if he shaved it himself or had another woman do it. When he was with my mom and I saw him naked he still had the pubic hair. I was a senior in high school during that time and he acted like I wasn't there most of the time. He didn't care if I saw him naked and just kept saying how much he missed my mom. I never saw him masturbate but many times I saw him on the recliner when it was obvious he did. There were many times when I got home from school and he was still sound asleep on the lazy boy recliner. I could see semen on his tummy and thighs and knew he had recently masturbated. Over those 11 months several of my friends saw him naked and asleep on the recliner and we all still can't believe what an idiot Eric is. As much as a moron he is he has never invaded my privacy and has never hit on me.

They let my mom out after 11 months and still now she is with Eric. She must know how dumb this guy is but they are still living together. I think she loves him so I never said anything about his nudity around me and my friends. I think now Eric is feeble minded and when he got home from work just wanted to be naked and was comfortable with it. I see and talk to my mom a few times a month and am amazed she don't realize what an idiot Eric is. Ok he is a handsome guy but has a pea brain. Those 11 months she was away I saw her boyfriend naked in ways even she would gasp at. Not just knowing he had masturbated but the extent he was exposed in front of me and often some of my girlfriends. He often laid naked on his side or with his legs propped up that his testicles and anus were exposed. My mom must love this guy but I'm convinced he is a blooming idiot. He was always nice to me and I was never afraid of him but he never had any sense of privacy or modesty. There were times I must admit I did take advantage of the situation and closely look at his genitals. I was only 17 at the time and seeing a naked man as often as I could was more than most girls that age could do. At the time I knew little about penis size but now know Eric isn't endowed more than other guys. At the time I thought he had a large penis but since I've been sexually active found out otherwise. Actually my present boyfriend has a smaller penis than Eric but is the best sex I've ever had. So I guess size don't matter. It probably has nothing to do with Eric but I like seeing my boyfriend naked and encourage him to let me.
Tracie Home May 22, 2020 at 2:27 am 0
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Sounds like somebody has the hots for Eric!! Hey how bigs your boyfriend? They say like 5.25 is the average for a guy, and I’m not bragging but I’m 6.25 which I’m fairly happy with, no ones complained yet so...
Dj 1 month ago
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