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I m addicted

I m addicted

I found porn at the age of 12, I had seen it younger from other circumstances. I wanted to understand why people became dependent on it. And I ended up becoming addicted as well. I couldn't sleep without it. I had to watch it any time I could I went a year and a half watching it every time I got the chance. I've been trying to get clean, and I had went almost 2-3 months p free. I relapsed last night. And I dis again today. I will get better though. Porn has taken so much of the innocence I had then. 4 years, 4 whole years, and I want to just be able to put it behind me. I also feel gross watching it, (I'm a straight female) and seeing straight porn I always feel worse then lesbian, which is what I usually watch. Wich also makes me feel bad.
I know many call ot empowerment, but point should be outlawed. At least more restricted, because everywhere you turn now there is porn, and that is unhealthy.
I will overcome it though.
K Sins April 19, 2022 at 5:21 pm 0
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I can maybe help you with this. I have also been watching pornography since I was young, probably too young. But I have since taken up writing in the latter half of my years. I don't watch porn anymore because my mind is more powerful than that. I write pornography stories, and that is enough for me that I don't ever have to watch porn again. Perhaps this will work for you.
Marissa 1 year ago
I have also been struggling with this. I got into it really early (9 years old). I've tried to stop many times, most of which only got me less than a week with it. It's turned into a horrible habit of mine and i just need to stop. Good luck.

anonymous 1 year ago
Though I have watched it since this, I have been getting the urge to less. I think I might be getting to the point where it's maybe 2-3 minutes then I come to my senses. And turn that shit off.
I think that porn has done enough damage to me, and if I occasionally watch 2 minutes every few weeks, it is damn sure better than hours every day! Progress is still progress.

K 10 months ago
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