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god damn doms bf and i started dating on the 13th of this month which was only 10 days ago. i have revealed to him a lot of my sexual thoughts, but im worried about telling him the littlest things he does turn me on, when we were sitting down with some friends he did that thing were he pulls me closer so he can just hold me. and it turned me tf doesnt help im a sub and hes a very aggressive person i have no idea if hes a dom because we havent really discussed that yet. but i want to know so f*cking bad. how do i start that convorsation?
JJ Fetishes May 22, 2021 at 9:38 pm 0
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just come right out and ask him, simple as that. sure it might be awkward, but you just want to know and he should be able to understand. if he's not comfortable with that yet im sure he'll say that. either way, you'll know in time.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
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