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Disturbing Thoughts

Disturbing Thoughts

I entered my sons room yesterday morning to wake him up to see if he wanted to accompany me for shopping. He's 17 and he's a handsome young man. He was asleep on his bed laying sideways with legs hanging off to the floor, naked with no covers over him. I knew immediately he had been masturbating because he still had a clumped paper towel in his hand. His lamp on his desk beside his bed was still lit so he must have fallen asleep last night after finishing. I should have immediately closed the door to leave him but I was curious and wanted to look at him more. My husband was in the other part of the house so I stepped in our son's room and carefully closed the door behind me. I was a little nervous but it excited me to look at him naked. He's grown so much since he was eleven, which is the last time I saw his penis. Our son looks like his penis could grow bigger than his father when erect. I feel a bit of pride for him about that. I stood near his bed and looked closer at him; he was still out of it sleeping soundly. I picked up his phone and activated the screen to see what he was watching. I am relieved to discover he likes girls, though the title said something of lesbians. It was a concern of mine that he might be gay since I've never seen him with a girl. But there isn't a lot to do in this town and he stays home a lot to play video games. His father says it's unhealthy for him to be home so much but I don't mind him being home. We offer to take him places to drop him off to hang out, but he mostly only goes to his friend's houses and brings his computer for more gaming.

Needless to say, I began to doubt my intentions for being in his room while he was in the state he was in. I brought part of his bed sheet to lay over his pelvis and I placed a hand against his chest and gently shook him while I said his name. After he didn't respond, I regretfully reached beneath the cover I placed at his pelvis and groped him. He was so warm, and his balls felt good and plump in my hand. It got me hot. I almost immediately felt bad for what I was doing though. I don't know why I acted on the impulse to grope my son's genitals. I let go of him and left him alone. I smelled my hand after I left his room. His scent got me horny so I went to the master bathroom and masturbated. I was thinking of him as I climaxed. I know nothing should become of this and I shouldn't let him know I thought of him that way. Still, I wish things could be different so I could watch him in ecstasy. His youthful good looks are what attracted me to his father back then. I know it's not a good idea, but I don't know why I'm lusting for him. I guess I never thought of him sexually. I caught him masturbating before when he was 14 but I thought it was cute then. I didn't see his penis that time but it was obvious from his reaction and the video on his monitor of women with sperm on their tits. But it's different now. He's gotten bigger and more capable. I don't know what to do. I can't put his manhood or the smell of him out of my mind.
Jen Family August 09, 2019 at 2:43 pm 2
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Wow, that’s fucked up! Just **** one of his friends.
anonymous 10 months ago
So Jen, it sounds like your son is a gamer nerd, so his friends are also probably gamer nerds. As the anonymous comment pointed out.. You should screw his friends if you want some young stud. You'll be helping a nerd get some vag and build their confidence before they leave high school. That friend will become bolder with the girls and be a better wing-man so your son has a better chance of getting some vag when he's hanging out with his friends. So it's really better for everyone if you **** his friends. Put on your best MILF gear and start getting more involved with them. Invite them over for a party and hang around and be sexy.

I suggest reading some stories or watching some role play porn if you need ideas of how to market yourself to them. It will at least distract you from your attraction to your son. You mentioned he looks like his father at that age, but trust that you really don't want to do the incest thing. That is a really really bad idea because it changes the dynamic of your relationship forever. There is no going back, so just stay away from him and give him every freedom to get laid by girls his own age.
Be A MILF 10 months ago
You should probably seek therapy or counseling for this. You dont want to ruin your family nor the relationship with your son and husband. You should seek psychological help.
anonymous 10 months ago
so its only the lust thing then? have more sex with ur hubby.
prolly dont want to get weird with ur son.
Jesse 10 months ago
Hell why not? If ur a milf and your son is a virgin you might as well hop on his rod and wax him off so he can score one under the belt.
Vamp Prowler 10 months ago
Lmao everyone here is giving shitty advice. Listen to Jesse and **** your husband more. Dont listen to any of these other retards.
jugg 9 months ago
Nope I did the bad thing. Shameful and wrong; feeling like a horrible person.
Jen 9 months ago did the “bad thing” did you **** your son???
anonymous 9 months ago
It would take a whole new topic to explain. I don't want to go into detail right now but in short, we had sexual contact, but not intercourse.
Jen 9 months ago
Damn that’s a’s ok to say what happened, I assume that’s why your here. And it was a pretty hot story, the fact that you touched yourself! That turned me on more than anything. Whatever you write I’ll read. Can’t wait!
Imagining Jen 9 months ago
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