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What ones would you prefer

What ones would you prefer

Situation: Your single and looking for a boyfriend, you have gone to your favourite event, one that seems to alway pull in massive crowds of people, I spot you and use a pickup line.

What one of these pickup lines do you like most?

1. I’m not religious by any extent, in fact I’m quite scientific, but I swore science proved that angels didn’t exist centuries ago, Yet I have just spotted the most beautiful angel ever.

2. I am not original with my pickup lines so I’ll use a rather old one “If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together”

3. If I brought you a beverage of your choice, would you consider going out with me?

4. I was skeptical that true beauty existed, then I saw you and now I’m no longer skeptical.

5.(In between each line is your reply) Hi, how are you?, I’m not doing too badly, what have you been up to?, Oh just my usual, Could I interest you in lunch someday?

6. Forgive me for being so upfront, but I stronly believe in being honwst and clear with my intentions, I think you look very sexy and would love to make you smile tonight, are you interested?.

7. I got a good joke for you, Why does santa have such a big sack?, Because he only cums once a year.

8. Hey beautiful, do you draw because you put the d in raw.

9. I was told girls are emotional creatures, but I think We could learn more over say lunch sometime.

10. My friend tells me I got a killer sense of humour, would you like to hear my jokes over lunch sometime?
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3, 5, and 6 seem to be the most straight forward and honest intentioned greetings. I would respond well to those.

7 and 8 would make me laugh, but it might take me some time to realize you're hitting on me. Guys will seem kind of dumb because most won't believe a girl is hitting on them.

The rest seemed corny, but different people respond to all kinds of things. I'll respond to anything a girl says to me if I like her. And I'll most likely try to get in the sack with her if she opens up with buying me a beer.
TheJ-Man 2 months ago
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