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Tricked Friend Embarrassed Himself

Tricked Friend Embarrassed Himself

My friend Steven likes this girl but has been too scared to talk to her. I told him that she approached me and asked about him. I told him she told me she thought he was hot, and said some other stuff. I was trying to build up his confidence so he'd go talk to her already, but he wanted details. I fabricated some specific things that she of course never said, but the dumb-ass used that information when he finally approached her. I was near them because we were at a party so I overheard him say something irrelevant and make an ass of himself. He was trying to be a gentleman, but she shot him down harshly.

I heard her say, "No, and I don't even like you."

She doesn't seem like a nice person, but he's all twisted-up for her anyway. I laughed my ass off still, and when we were hanging out later I asked what happened. He told me she was rude, and probably playing games like she's hard to get. I told him he should honor her word and leave her alone; I don't have the heart to set him straight yet. It's amusing to watch this unfold.
Eric Funny July 26, 2019 at 7:11 pm 2
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Dude, are you trying to win the award for being the worst wing-man ever?
YoHombre 5 months ago
Is he like a beta male bitch or something? take him out to find a girl that will get down. tell him shes a cock tease and he should move on. UR the asshole if youre misleading.
Jonathen 5 months ago
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