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Tough crazy lady

Tough crazy lady

I work day shift for an extremely large manufacturing company for the last 4 plus years. Laura is an older woman who is the night shift supervisor, been there 20 some years and has a reputation most people know about. I knew who she was but never met her and seldom even saw her. She has dated at least 10 guys working here that I know of. Aside from being a tough looking women she has a potty mouth using the foulest words there are . Funny thing is as gruff, sarcastic, obnoxious and even comical as she is almost everyone seems to like her. I know she is 54, don't give a damn about her reputation with men so most people don't **** with her or give her a hard time. Close to 2 years ago I found out she wanted to rent a room in her house for $125 a week. That was the first time I ever talked to her and that's where I still live now. She was very abrupt about it saying I had full use of the house could use the kitchen and washer and dryer, the rent due "in cash" every payday and not to **** with her tv or computer. She said if I ever tried to go into her room she would kick my ass and to never use the driveway. Laura said I could have my girlfriend over but she can't live there which is ok with me. It turned out great because I hardly ever saw her since she worked nights and many nights never came home until I already left for work or was just leaving. My room is next to the bathroom that is large with a sink, toilet, large shower stall and a side by side washer and dryer.

I noticed the first night that there is no lock on the bathroom door but it didn't matter since the only day I ever see her in the house is Saturdays and once in awhile on Sunday. Some weekends she is never home probably with one of her boyfriends. I'm 28, the rent is cheap but besides that I have the whole house to myself most of the time. Then things got interesting after I was living there about 7 months. I run 3 or 4 miles every Saturday morning and in the late afternoon pick up my girlfriend and go to Atlantic City most of the time for the night. That one Saturday morning I got back from my run and was in the shower when all the sudden Laura came in with her laundry to do her wash. The shower has a glass wall on one side with a shower curtain at the entrance. I was covered in soap and right away put my hands over my genitals. She just looked at me and said don't mind me I have to wash some clothes. She put the laundry basket on the floor and said she wouldn't wash until I got out of the shower. Only thing is she didn't leave the room and sat down on the closed toilet seat looking at me. All she did is smile at me and told me to finish up then said she seen them all (I suppose meaning my dick) and told me not to be shy about it and to hurry up she was running late. I can't remember if I was embarrassed but I couldn't keep standing there covered in soap so I rinsed off as fast as I could. There is a hand held shower head so it only took a couple minutes. I got my towel right away and disappeared into my room never seeing her again until the following weekend. I actually laughed about it afterwards because it was weird the way she sat there watching me, never saying anything.

It was 3 weeks after that on a Saturday morning and again I was in the shower when Laura walked in with her laundry. This time she told me to take my time because she wasn't in a hurry. I had just got in the shower and only started washing myself but again she sat on the toilet watching me. This time she told me to pay no attention to her that she sort of likes watching a guy shower. I almost choked when she asked me if I was embarrassed then told me I didn't have anything to be embarrassed about. I don't know what I was thinking but I just started soaping myself and admit it was a little humiliating. As I was washing my feet she came over to the back of the shower and opened the shower curtain telling me to hand her the shower nozzle. I just looked at her and said why. It was like she was bossing me and said I'll show you what my boyfriends like and it feels good. I handed it to her and then it was as if she was a dictator telling me to put my hands on the wall and back up. I just did what she said then she told me to spread my legs apart. Now I'm standing there half bent over with my legs wide open and my back to her. All the sudden she started holding the shower handle pointed up on my dick, balls and asshole. She kept moving it back and front and after a few seconds asked if I was getting a hard on yet. Sure enough I was and she just kept teasing me until I had a raging hard on. That's when she said go ahead at first, then said soap up you dick and jerk off if you want. Like a well behaved kid I did exactly that and as I was jerking off she continued to spray my balls and ass crack. I ejaculated within a minute or so and all she said was "see, I told you it would feel good". She handed it back to me and went over to the washer putting in her laundry. I got out of the shower speechless and started walking out when she said "aren't you gonna say thanks". So I said thanks and don't think I saw her for another few weeks. Since that time she does this about twice a month and by now I'm disappointed when she isn't home on Saturday mornings. The way she talks to me when this is going on is a riot. Like if I stand there to long she'll say stuff like "if your going to jerk off do it now because I certainly ain't gonna do it". She told me I'm no gift to women and a lot of guys have bigger cocks. One time she told me she had a boyfriend with an 8 1/2 hard on but that he was a cheap prick. Sometimes she wants me to face her and said she wants to see how much I ****. I thought for a time she would jerk me off but I doubt that's ever going to happen. She always stands there until my hard on goes down and tells me its amazing how much they shrink. Laura is a complete piece of work and I never met anyone like her. She stands just outside the back of the shower as she is doing this and sort of tells me what to do all the time. Sometimes she has me back up so much with my hands on the wall I'm bent all the way over. She just says back up or open you legs more or tells me she wants to see me jerking off while my back is facing her. The way she moves the shower head around there's no way any guy wouldn't get an erection right away. She even tells me when to put more soap on my dick and at times tells me how slow or fast to jerk off. I just do what she says and can only say its the best feeling I have ever had while masturbating. Its a combination of the way the spray feels on my a-hole and balls and I think the fact she is watching me.
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Nice man, don’t ruin a good thing.
Heb 2 months ago
Dude! That sounds like my friends mom that I rent from. I'm staying in my buddies mom's house because she has this dope ass basement that her ex remodeled. Rent is cheap because I know her and I'm not a troublemaker. The thing is she's a total cock tease. She's about fifty-something now. I'm 29 and work within walking distance, but she started offering to give me rides to work. It's become a thing now where we go get coffee then she takes me to work. But when I get back to the house I have to go through the living room to get to the cellar door. I've caught her masturbating several times and she acts surprised like she's trying to craft a fantasy. I usually walked on by and smiled, but I called her bluff once and walked up to her near the couch when I caught her. I told her I'd like to watch if she wants an audience. She blushed and backed down and disappeared to her room. It made me feel like an ass, like I read the situation wrong, but she's just **** with me because she knows what time I get in from work and she's been doing this for a while. She invited me to watch a weird movie because she didn't know if it was going to be scary. It was more tragic than scary but had some hardcore intercourse in it. The movie was called The Antichrist. It's a damn weird movie. We watched it together and it got me aroused. She got up and returned with a small white hand towel and gave it to me. It made me laugh. She watched me jerk off. After the movie was over she told me not to tell her son. I said I wouldn't because there was nothing to tell. I'm pretty sure she doesn't really want to do anything with me. She just likes to know she can play with me. She does need a damn boyfriend though, because I'd rather not complicate the living arrangement with weird attachments.
Banner 2 months ago
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