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Spoiling your men

Spoiling your men

Okay girls we all appreciate being spoiled rotten. But doesn’t your man deserve the same? Hmm… I think so. Now please don’t spend more than you can afford. Even if a guy can afford something. It doesn’t mean gifts aren’t a way to show affection

Here are some reasons why some women may choose to financially spoil their male partners:

1. Show appreciation: Spoiling your partner financially, be it with small gestures or larger ones, can be a way of showing your appreciation for them. It is a way of acknowledging the hard work and efforts they put in to make the relationship work.

2. Provide emotional support: Financial support can be a way of providing emotional support to your partner. It can help to ease their worries and reduce their stress, specifically in the case of shared finances.

3. Strengthen relationship dynamics: Being generous financially in a relationship can create a sense of trust, loyalty, and connection. It can also allow the man to feel more comfortable taking care of his partner in ways that don't involve money.

4. Create equality: Financial spoiling can be seen as an equalizing force in a relationship, where women take the lead in financial giving while men provide support in other ways.
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5. Perform a lot of fellatio.
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