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So today I went to get my adoption papers with my uncle. My mom is in prison for drug abuse and my dad left us a while ago and me and my uncle take care of my grandma who can’t do anything for herself. My uncle has had depression and suicidal thought and dealt with past drug abuse. Today after we got the adoption papers not yet final, we got into a arguement because he got into a arguement with my grandma and made a jab about sending her to the nursing home. After I told him he was in the wrong for doing so he just left later sending me a text saying he might not come back. Now I’m a 15 year old girl home alone with a grandma she can’t take care of and crying cause yet again I’ve been abandoned
vv gamer vv Fetishes January 10, 2022 at 9:44 pm 0
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Omg im so sorry to hear that. Believe that things will get better soon and it will happen.
Rein 2 months ago
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