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Query How would you react

Query How would you react

Situation: You are a sex worker at a loval brothel, as a result you have had your fair share of guys penises and sexual fantasies, Your best friend is a guy whom is surprisingly not much of a typical guy when it comes to stuff like sex, like yeah he likes women, but that seems to be as far as his prefrence goes, he has seen pictures of you fully nude many times and his particular reaction seems standard fare to you, often just glances at the picture and emits a stoic expression followed by him saying “If your trying to woo me in some way, you won’t get far”.

But today feels different, you don’t know what it is, something just feels different.
As it is your day off you decide to pop by your best freinds house for a few hours, as you arrive you hear sounds of moaning coming from his bedroom window, you take a peek and notice your co-worker is having sex with him, you feel a hint of jealousy stirring inside you but you dismiss it as a normal female reaction to seeing a couple having sex.

A few days later after work, you pop by your best friends house, you both converse, exchange jokes and drink coffee(he also makes a truly unbeatable coffee), eventually tou bring up what you saw a few days ago about his sexual encounter.

He says this “Sorry you had to see that, I was considering texting you and asking if you were interested in a sexual encounter with me but too many red alerts were firing off in my head such as “You two having sex could jepordise the friendship”, or “She may end up wanting more than just a sexual encounter”, you get the idea, so I sought a wiser path, go to where you work and pay one of your co-workers to have a sexual encounter with, I have a feeling you must be feeling jealous or disapointed that I considered one of your co-workers instead of you, but in defence, I did not want to risk loosing you as a friend, and a sexual encounter with you could have had negative consequenses”

Your Reply/Reaction?
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Your a sex worker. How can you think you’d have any kind of meaningful relationship? Maybe you’ve had too many penises? Are you from England?
anonymous 2 months ago
My reply/reaction/advice is to stop overthinking it and do what you want. Guys are dumb. Dominate him and get it over with then see where it goes from there. Don't get possessive unless he does.
Just a John 2 months ago
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