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Pride March Perv Fun

Pride March Perv Fun

Went to a lgbt pride event. I'm straight but I like to exhibit myself and see others naked. A lot of people in those circles are progressives and sexually liberated or more open-minded. People march naked, sometimes even with their children nude too. Most of the time their kids are painted but still nude. I got behind this woman holding her little girl's hand while we stood in a crowd. They were both naked, except the mom had a small pack on her hip. The girl had a blue flower painted on her back and the green paint of the stem want all the way down and around one of her legs. It was cute. We were listening to some queers speak about stuff on their elevated soapbox. I was right behind this girl and had an erection. The woman noticed me and we started talking but we had to lean in and speak rather loudly so we could hear each other. She said I had a nice cock and asked if I only **** ass with 'that thing'. I told her "No, but it's virgin girl ass when I do." She smiled. I didn't know if she heard me or understood what I meant but she and I talked for a while. I asked how old her girl was and she said 7 and a half. We got to chatting more, I made her laugh and I was working an angle. I got the feeling she was at least bisexual and interested. She said she wanted her daughter to be more comfortable around men. I made a crack and told her she's in the wrong place to find any real men. We laughed. I knew she meant sexually; she wanted her daughter to be comfortable being sexual around men.

She invited me to head back to her friend's apartment. Her friend was at the event too but was staying out longer. I went back to her apartment and it was a small open loft apartment that overlooked a street. I remember thinking it seemed like it would be crowded, but wasn't that day. The walls had pornographic pictures on them and the floor was peppered with kids toys, but there were also dildos and drug paraphrenalia set about the apartment. It looked like several people might have been staying there. She offered me coffee and told me to take my clothes off again; we had to put on our clothes to walk away from the event. I disrobed and we sat back down and started talking. I felt nervous. I suspected I was going to go farther that afternoon than I had before. I started to admiring her daughter's paint and it escalated quickly. Before too long, I was fingering the girl and kissing her mother. The woman looked me over and put my cock in her mouth but she was just getting me ready for her little girl. The mother wanted me to **** her daughter in front of her. I didn't want to penetrate her. The girl wasn't as hot for the idea as her mother seemed to be. I pressed myself against her pooch but didn't push into her. Instead I masturbated myself against her and came on her before I could do any real damage.

The mom took my number after and said maybe next time I wouldn't be scared to **** her girl. Her comment made me a little pissed. I told her that her daughter.. Oh, I knew their names by now but I'm still not going to name them. I told her that she didn't seem interested in **** and it's wrong to force it. I didn't mind cuming on her though, and the girl liked that too, but she was scared when I was pressing into her. It didn't end all that well; I don't think she's going to call me back. She probably went out and found a guy to **** her daughter later that evening, but I'm still glad it wasn't me. I hope she's okay though.

John Fetishes October 13, 2019 at 6:16 pm 3
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Those parades are all about hedonism. Anyone with any sense should stay clear of them. So many abortions these days that these pervy parents treat their children like property instead of individuals. These mothers be thinking: "So what if she's having sex so young, at least I didn't kill her in the womb."
Amoral psychopaths. They're all damned in their own way.
Logical 1 month ago
its not a big deal. those marches are awesome. the parents are with their kids and they dont care. as long as the kid doesnt freak out its alright. dont hurt anyone though. and dont spum in them if your worried its a rape trap.
mikeDD 4 weeks ago
Jesus **** christ what the **** did i just read. No offense against that lol but jfc, it’s a child, tf does it know about sex and that kind of stuff. Sure, educate them about it not engage them into that crap, if ur into that crap then nice? Just lol think about the children, but that’ll probably turn you on or not idk, think about what their perspective is gonna be now that theyve just been touched. Just saddening, poor children getting molested and shit cause of shitty ass parents that allow that crap. Like jfc who wants to watch their child have sex, but idk theres probably a kink or fetish or that, gl with whoever likes that lol just, lol think about it properly
Idk 4 weeks ago
Idk is right. You got to think of the kids. These parents sound selfish and wanting to get off on their perverted kinks by sexualising their kids. While there are some kids that initiate or otherwise willingly engage in sexual activity, it's unlikely they understand the complexity and risks of what's happening. It's up to the parents to be proper parents; clearly little can be done if the parents are the ones exposing their children to these behaviors. Society should at some point recognize all this LGBTQUREFZL sexual gender-bending garbage as child abuse. These events sound like child predator hunting grounds. We can't stop what happens behind closed doors but this shite needs to end being out in the open, because that's seemingly normalizing this behavior. This should not be the new normal.
Reasoning 3 weeks ago
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