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I convinced mom that, because of the pandemic it would be okay for her to help me out. And she fell for it. At first, she let me masturbate in front of her. I don't think she expected me to **** all over her. She didn't say anything, she just sat there with her hands in her lap. I was never so excited before. I mean, this was a really dirty thing to do to her.
I always try to show her that, for me, it's an expression if love. I always say please; I always say thank you. She has let me every time I've asked.
By Christmas that first year, I had her masturbating me. I mean, she held my cock so I could **** all over her.
In January, I got her to use her mouth for me. The first time I started to **** in her mouth, well, let's just say sloppy and really exciting. But she sucked me every time I asked. I got her to look up at me when I started to **** in her mouth.
One morning I asked her to bend over the table. She was so wet when I slid into her. So sad, when I pushed in real deep and started to ****.
Now I just go to her and tell her I want incest and she knows what to do. I really love having her suck me in front of the picture window.

Jim Family May 29, 2022 at 5:30 am 2
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it's not the worst relationship to have with your mother, because incest is just a word. it is society that has made most of us feel it's inappropriate, but i don't see anything wrong with sharing passion with your parents, siblings or children. i'm a father of two daughters and a son. i've had sexual contact with my daughters since each of them began to get curious around 2 or 3 years old. it started by explaining the differences of boys and girls of course, but by the time they were each around 4 years old they wanted to touch my penis. it was important to include their mother in the playing too because it wouldn't have been fair otherwise. they wanted to see me ejaculate so we would let them masturbate me. it was very amusing and joyful for them to watch me in ecstasy from their efforts. and they both liked playing with sperm. it was very arousing for my wife too and we all got involved with one another. It's just passion, and we would never hurt them of course. when our eldest daughter turned 11 she wanted to have sex, and she wanted me to be her first. up until then they would only perform fellatio and I'd lick their clitoris until they'd climax. all our children are grown now, and we're proud of them. incest is not always a horror story, regardless what society would have everyone believe.
Jaxon 9 months ago
you people are sick
anonymous 8 months ago
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