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ive got a massive crush on my english teacher

ive got a massive crush on my english teacher

ive got the biggest crush on my english teacher - mr taylor
idk what to do
hes so handsome and the things he does makes me nervous
i think he knows i like him by the way i act, i almost never make eye contact with him because he makes me way too nervous to do that and im always smiling and shy around him if you know what i mean?
i feel like the feeling is mutual with girls in my school because mr taylor is VERY handsome and a very tall, young teacher. hes 23 years old, 6'4, got a irish girlfriend named tiana and his actual name is tom/thomas
other girls in my year i know that they probably like him aswell because theyre always going into his room at lunch and breaktimes, talking to him as if they are best friends, showing him tiktoks theyve made in his room and messing on their phones w him
id never do NONE of that because im way too anxious to even properly speak to him but sometimes i get confident and do feel the need to say something to him when i really know i shouldnt
yesterday/today i was walking with my friends asil and ashlyn out onto the yard and mr taylor was supervising the yard
they started walking toward mr taylor and he had his back turned to us but it was because ashlyns friend mikey was talking to mr taylor so she was tryna get mikey and then while she wandered off to mikey (without me knowing) asil went to a dif girl a few steps away and they both ditched me without me knowing so i was just LEFT THERE alone with mr taylor
then he turned around and said "hi miaa!!" (my name) and then i said "hiii!!" and he said again "hiiiiiii!!" like mocking my voice and smiling so i smiled and said heeyyy and he said heeyyyyy and we went on like that for a minute
then i got nervous because i noticed how TALL he was and how he was looking down at me and idk i got REALLY NERVOUSSSSSS so i smiled and ran off laughing because of what had just happened
i literally felt REAL butterflies he makes me feel so nervous hes so handsome and not like "scary" but he makes me feel "scared(or worried)" in a way if you know what i mean??

also, a few moments before this maybe 20 minutes ago like before we went to go eat, me and ashlyn were waiting outside of asils classroom waiting for her to get let out because we got let out early and we were kinda hiding behind the wall so her teacher didnt see us so obviously, we werent meant to be there, and MR TAYLORRRR came by and literally SHOUTED "HI MIA!!" GIVING AWAY OUR HIDING SPOT but i yelled back "HI!!" while he walked past us and ashlyn burst out laughing side eyeing me because it was so funny and embarrassing
but yeah i literally like him so much
he only joined in september and hes been my teacher for a few months
i look forward to his lessons everyday like its one of the best parts of my school days because he genuinely makes the lessons so fun and hes attractive so im fine with just getting the privilege to SEE him i dont care even if we dont talk that day its like nice to be able to know hes there its just comforting in a way
he sat me next to my other crush (paddy- a student LMAO) but the thing is he kinda hates paddy and he likes me, he hates paddy because his voice is really deep and he doesnt pay attention most of the time hes got adhd (hes really good at hiding it though) and he struggles w it but nobody really knows its just because a year ago last year i used to go to some extra help lessons and he used to talk about it there
idk why he sat me next to paddy i think its just because im a "quiet student" he can copy off but to be honest im not complaining because i kinda like paddy HAHA

one time i came in late and was tryna find where my tutor group was for register and i saw mr taylor (he is the form tutor of the other tutor group in my year, not mine) with a few other late students and he told me that we all have assembly
sooo i followed them to assembly and i had to sit on the row with about 8 other seats next to it because i came in after all the other students
i was so anxiouus the entire time i was fidgeting with my bracelet and he was jittering his leg up and down literally shaking the isle and my seat with it at the time it was really annoying but kinda cute idk why hHABDHBah
THEN assembly ended and our row went last, our row with the rest of my year stood up
as i stood up a few people were looking at me cus i was next to mr taylor of all people
and then mr taylor looked down at me and said "why havent you got a tie?" and he seemed kinda MAD so i said "i forgot it at home" because i did
he brushed his hands across my cheek as he was doing it on accident and OH MY GOD i almost melted right then and there
he mumbled something like "let me fix ur collar" while he was doing it but it was still so unexpected
a boy in my class went "OooOOOOO" and i whispered for him to shut up
theeenn i figured out i had his lesson STRAIGHT AFTER THAT ASSEMBLYYYYY
i went into his lesson and sat down then mr taylor was like "hmmmmmmm who should i ask to give out the workbooks" and stared down at me so i KNEW he was about to ask me
he said "mia *my full name* can give out the books today" and put the books on my table so i like let out an annoyed groan and handed out the books

but yeah i dont know what to do its only been 3 months and im already GUSHING over him and everything he does makes me really nervousssssss
comment any advice idk im worried incase i accidentally escalate it by doing something because sometimes i gain a bit of confidence and either reciprocate however hes acting toward me or say something when i usually wouldnt and id just keep my head down and get on w my work

and he keeps asking me to read out pages in lessons from the class book i hateeeeeeeeee it
i get so nervous and stumble over my words and ughghghghhgh i hate it
he says im a good reader all the time but i just hate it either way

please comment any advice or what i should do or should i just keep enjoying getting to see him and talking to him just not escalate it any further?
thank you

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