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I outed someone close to me

I outed someone close to me

A lot of things go on in college especially high school and the weaker students are too scared to tell. Often when a larger boy hits or robs, shoves, spits on the victim knows that nothing will be done and telling only makes it worse.

One Halloween night some kids disguised themselves in masks and spray painted obscenities on the sidewalk and walls of the school. They dumped a bucket of white paint on the black asphalt behind the building and overall made a hard to clean up the mess. In fact, the asphalt was never completely cleaned up and it was still there when I graduated. The word was revenge and 'halloween acts' was everywhere as were epithets such as ---- go home and things like that. It was 2 A.M. and she called him on the phone. After about ten rings he answered the phone and said "None of your damn business . you eat s***" oh sis sally that was bad ass.

They were part of a gang that terrorised the neighbour and if I had told on them bisexual. I came out to my cousin the other day, but when I was telling her I came out to a ton of money and hurt feelings and if they had found out I might be happy if it went well :)
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