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Gay People Ugh

Gay People Ugh

I consider lesbians, gays, and trannies to be mentally handicapped. Their condition is supposed to weed itself out through natural selection, but they had to fly under the radar for so many decades that they'd have cover families and would still procreate. That is why there is such a present boom of their degenerate gene. Lesbians, gays, and trannies should not procreate. They are like deep-inbred mutts of the human species. They should be allowed to die off if they want to. I don't care for their practices, but I won't persecute them either; unless they persecute me.

I am only attracted to the true opposite sex, but I can still get off with anyone. I understand bisexuals because they want to get off with whomever they please. I'm bisexual. Please don't group bisexuals with the lesbian, gays, and trannies though. They are degenerates. They are mentally handicapped. They are disgusting rejects. We are all the same in that we are all different; but some are more different than others.

SwordAngel Relationships July 06, 2021 at 10:10 am 11
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sounds legit
yes there is a gay gene
Samuel 1 year ago
Yes, and a lot of these mentally sexual degenerates are also libtards.
Kronen 1 year ago
dude- your logic tho.. made me laugh for a good 5 mins, thanks for that, i really needed a good laugh
anonymous 1 year ago
I'm bisexual, too, and I'd be perfectly fine being in a group with gay, lesbian, and trans people - assuming they were nice. Also, I'm trans, so STFU.
Anonymous 12 months ago
Also, these CAPTCHA codes are AWFUL.
Anonymous 12 months ago
you are mentally ill you're legit deranged this is so funny seek help this is so internalized
ur a freak 12 months ago
kindly shut the f up. You are the type of people that we shouldn't let have offspring.
A Non-binary, pansexual 8 months ago
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