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Evil Jealous GF Bad Thing

Evil Jealous GF Bad Thing

My girlfriend convinced me to build a gloryhole partition wall thing in my apartment for us to use. It was **** awesome while it lasted. We had friends that came over to have fun and we'd take turns using it and trying to guess who is who. My girlfriend is a really jealous person though and hates my ex. My ex and I have a daughter together so I maintain a small bit of relations with them. I have my daughter, Kate, every other weekend. Kate will be turning 7 this fall.

After some drinks and against better judgment my girlfriend and I used the gloryhole for fun, but the bitch put my daughter on the other side of the wall. She was supposed to be in bed, but my girlfriend got Kate after we began. I didn't know. She kept quiet and made her finish me off in her mouth. I didn't find out until next morning when Kate told me what happened, but I don't even know if she knew what was happening, and she doesn't seem to know it was me. I told Kate to never tell anyone, because it wasn't supposed to happen. Kate likes my girlfriend but she's going to miss her because I'm done with that cunt. I'm so **** angry and I don't know what I'm going to do. It hurts. It's irreparable! I want to do harm to that jealous cunt, but I know I won't because I can't risk doing anything worse to further jeopardize parental rights.

And then there's the matter of whether she took pictures. I don't know her intentions because I'm not speaking with her. I'm probably going to seek counseling, but I don't know where to begin with explaining this to anyone. I'm venting here in the mean time. I don't know if I even did anything wrong, I know the cunt ex-GF did but I still don't want anyone to know because IT SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED!
Father Sins August 01, 2019 at 9:23 pm 1
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you have to accept it happened so you can heal. dont carry anger around like that. may also want to discuss this with your daughter that she didnt do anything wrong, but she shouldn't be doing those things at her age. it was your girlfriend that made the mistake, and thats why she wont be around anymore. honestly, you will want to avoid official counseling because of the legal practices they have about disclosure.
DrPepper 1 year ago
That's so hot! I wonder if she swallowed.
SoHot 1 year ago
Kill yourself you **** piece of shit, that was his DAUGHTER D A U G H T E R, who was also 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kill yourself in the slowest way possible bye we don't need you here.

To the father, I hope you can get over this <3 glad you dumped you're cunt of an ex
Replying to Sohot 1 year ago
Holy shit whoa. Ive never even heard of shit like that. Sorry man I have kids too. This seems beyond anything I could handle without violence. Why would she do that? That is an evil kind of pervert, a new low. No idea what to do about that since youre trying to maintain shared custody/visitation. Seemingly no legal recourse towards justice. Kudos on kicking that trash-gf to the curb quick like. I hope your daughters alright and it doesnt become an issue for either of you down the road.

SoHot: Youre an insensitive ass. Please dont procreate, stay away from people.
Sandman 1 year ago
You got to be careful with who you trust and where you meet them. Some women are absolute freaks. My last girlfriend told me she liked showing hardcore porn to her niece and nephew. And I figured she'd be relatively normal since I met her at the library. I thought that was some freak-level stuff, but I feel I've been naive. This is way far out there. These types of things better not become the new normal.
Liam 1 year ago
Thanks for the support. I decided to speak with Kate's mother about what happened. She was surprisingly understanding, though upset of course. It was difficult but honesty has been the best course of action. We're keeping this incident away from the law to not affect current arrangements. We're in special counseling. My daughter is doing fine but knows it was me; something that was required for counseling to work. I'm sleeping well again but often having disturbing dreams while I'm working through new territory. Being open about feelings in counseling helps, but it's bringing up a lot to deal with. I'll be staying out of the dating pool for a while.
Father 1 year ago
guess the therapist knows best but seems like itd create future problems if your daughter knows she made you ****. shes always gonna know that now, and what happens once she gets her hormones? these are kind of obvious questions, i know, but can we really trust therapists to know whats good? i hope this is the right choice. kind of sounds like job security because you'll probably be going back when your daughter hits puberty. or maybe sooner.
im sorry this happend to your family. as the other comment said, some women are total freaks. be careful about letting new people around your kids. i know something like this has got to have your head all messed up. dont take your dreams too seriously either, thats your mind working things out, even if they involve your daughter in a perverted manner. dont know if thats the case but you made it sound like it could be. hope the incest relations with your girl end there. glad you are getting help. ciao
Nicole 1 year ago
Ha ha ha. omg sorry it's just that you got played by your sick girlfriend and now your girl knows what your seed tastes like. Thats so fucked up i dont even know. omg, wtf
dafuq sorry 12 months ago
I'm sorry this happened. I hope you can get past this.
Jen 12 months ago
Yeah jen wants to **** her son, so hope you can get past this. Jen you **** hot trashy milf...I’d love to bury my face between your legs.
anonymous 11 months ago
But I feel it's different because of ages and other things. It probably sounds hypocritical but his daughter's really young, and my son is older and much as his father was when we first met. I already said we did stuff but I'm not prepared to write on it yet. Thanks anonymous, I love when guys go down. I'm really not that trashy. I'm freaky but conservative, you'd never suspect it from my attire.
Jen 11 months ago
You have to write about it Jen, it’s a confession site. I’d love to read more about you masturbating, what your feeling, thinking while you do it. You sound like a hot **** milf, and every time I read your story it gets my dick so hard, I gotta have more.
anonymous 11 months ago
It seems like you'd know it felt different. Since your daughter was the only other person in the house... What were you thinking?
anonymous 10 months ago
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