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double standards of perkers

double standards of perkers

to the tarot card reader on youtube who preaches about people staying pure, by not masturbating or seeing porn etc. how come sleep around and you call that pure? when real Christians out there say that seeing or going to a tarot reader is impure. you are impure yourself ! you say your family are multi-millionaires so why are you even on youtube? you say you have an accounting degree so why are you wasting time reading tarot cards for people and getting money to do that then real work? something doesn't add up and you attack people for not owning their own car and house and business and standing on their own two feet when your parents can help you any old time and I would be sure they have and yet you attack people who don't have the luxury of rich parents to just hand over a car, a house, a business, video equipment and healthy lifestyle that you have. She is so fat and ugly and those ugly fake nails make you want to puke and run. If only they could see themselves as others do. Her constant fake tarot reads and her fat whining and fat preaching, her fat whatchamacallit. and her fat , fat fat fat stutter. all the fat negativity as well, the fat fake pisotivitity .

I had enough of churches preaching no sexual thing at all and masturbate was sin so they could match make and guilt trip congregation with their games "what is your favourite sex scene in the bible this week" game and "what sex slave character from the bible are you this month with whom from the church?" what a cockswaddle! hypocritical game you all play for power in weak peoples heads and for money.

now the bitch who is a stripper is put out that her business is doing down because of only fans and tease****, chat abate or chat bum . who needs to see erotic dancers who are sexually impatient anyway because they are celibate and have not used their winki even to masturbate for some time. I mean if you don't use it you lose it. if you over use it you got a problem too. but boy oh boy do you people really squeal like winki pigs one or another with your zone of lies and propaganda making to suit your own ends.

next the tarots parots will be put out that their business is gone by the by with salvation manifestations and positiveonlyspeak.

look they are all perkers, perking around. using ends to meet theirs, trying hard to sell their wares door to door sales man on line on that youtube. people know it and we are sick of it.
hammers1 Funny December 31, 2020 at 9:36 pm 0
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Religion and its following cultural practices were the first tools to control people. Once the state (government) was invented, it became easier to dictate by mandate how people were to be controlled. Both religion and government are invalid. Free people do not think in such terms as what they are allowed to do. Good people think in terms of what is moral and fair to one another. The golden rule should always apply. Everything else is negative propaganda.
James O 3 weeks ago
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