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Disturbing Reality

Disturbing Reality

A couple users have mentioned they want me to write what has happened since the first incident [Disturbing Thoughts]. I'll try to do my best and be as clear as possible. I wasn't able to put our son out of my mind, and I didn't want to. I know it's not a healthy thing to do but I wanted to at least see him naked again. I urged my husband to go out with his buds and I used the time to enjoy some wine. I didn't have an idea how I was going to do this, but I have been reading some other people's stories which gave me some confidence to try. I put on a somewhat revealing dress, it's more of a slip really, with a matching pair of panties. I'm still petite, though my breasts got bigger after my pregnancy and never fully returned to my previous cup. I've been good about keeping fit for my husband. It's important to me and I like feeling sexy.

My son was in his room and I could hear his game going. I knocked on his door and hoped he would answer instead of sometimes asking through the door. He opened the door and I told him dad went out and asked him if I could make him something to eat. He said yes and looked over me briefly and noticed my wine glass, and smiled. I said "yes, and I'm having a good time too." I raised my glass.

I asked if he'd keep me company at the kitchen table while I made him food. He said I was acting strange. I mean I was wearing only two garments of lingerie, but I knew I was behaving strangely too. I didn't have defenses other than to tell him it was the wine, and that I didn't want to be alone. I offered him a little wine if he'd join me in the kitchen. He shut off the game; I knew that would do it.

I let him have a single half glass of the Pinot Grigio I was drinking. I got him talking and we had a good time. I asked him if he has a girlfriend. He said there were two girls he likes but he's not sure if either like him. I told him girls are just as foolish as boys and that he should be more direct with them. There was some silence but I could feel my son watching me as I focused on making him mac and cheese. I had to lean over to retrieve the colander from beneath the counter. I'm sure he got a nice shot of my ass. The wine must have started getting to him because he started speaking more.
"Lawrence thinks your hot."
Lawrence is my son's friend we see the most, and where he often takes his computer.
He continued talking about how Lawrence said he (my son) was lucky. Then my son complimented me and said Lawrence was right, and that he thinks I'm pretty too. I remember I turned and looked over my shoulder at him and winked as I said "thanks, dear." Meanwhile, I was getting hot in my panties because he reminded me so much then of his father.

I set a plate for him at the corner of the table, and I sat in a chair I pulled out from an adjoining side. I wasn't hungry but I was starting a third glass of wine. I sat like that so my son could glance between my legs as he pleased, while I distracted myself with my phone to text my husband and make sure he wasn't coming back soon. I lifted up my right foot and rested it on the wooden piece beneath my son's chair. I could feel it was an intimate and inviting posture.

"So those girls you like, are they pretty? What do you like about them."

My son was so funny. He paused for a moment and looked at me. I felt he knew what I was trying to do. I was getting excited.

"I like Kaitlyn the most. She's smart and her hair is straight like yours, a little darker though. Cute face too. Not a lot of makeup. Wears jeans a lot, but I've seen her wear a dress."
"Is that what you like; when girls wear dresses?"
"Or nothing at all." He joked. We laughed.
"Your father likes me in dresses too, because he's a leg man. I bought this to wear for him so he can view my legs."

I looked down at myself to be obvious with inviting my son to look me over. My nipples were hard and poked outward beneath my slip. No way to hide I was getting aroused by the exchange.

"It's really nice." He said. "You look sexy good in that."

I pulled my slip up enough so he could see the top trim of the panties.
"And they match too." I said.

I saw a spark of desire as he looked right at the strip of garment at my vagina which would soon get wet if it wasn't already. Then my son put his head down on his arm on the table. "Oaww.. I can't believe I said that." He was embarrassed.

I knew I had him now. I could have stopped there but I didn't.
"It's alright. I know I'm sexy. A woman likes to be told she's sexy."

I said something of the sort. I don't remember exactly what else I said because things escalated. I took his hand and let him feel my leg that was propped against his chair. I took my hand away and my son left his there and I set my glass on the table and closed my eyes. I let him do that for a while and we got silent and smiled at the moment. A minute or two passed and I began to touch myself through my panties for him to watch. I was so hot for him. I invited him to turn his chair more toward me and he did. I thought about taking it to one of our rooms but I didn't because it was already an intimate arrangement. Didn't want to risk losing the mood either.

I kept my legs spread and he pulled his chair as close as comfortable to mine. I could see my son was getting an erection. I lifted up my left leg and placed my foot against his tan pants on his thigh and started rubbing his leg, but I didn't touch his erection yet. He was leaning a bit forward and massaging my right leg with both his hands but didn't go higher.

I was no longer being discreet and was making small moans while massaging my sex through my panties. I loved feeling his hands on my leg. He tried to say something and it was some mild concern or such but he sounded nervous and anxious. I told him it was alright.

I committed to myself that this was going to happen so I stopped momentarily to lean forward and lifted off my slip. I'm never going to forget that excited look he gave when he saw my breasts. My son's penis was pressing out and ready and I moved my foot to manipulate it through his pants.

"You can take it out. I want to see it." I said boldly. I knew he was nervous and wouldn't have otherwise. But he unfastened his pants and shimmied them down enough. And I finally saw that meat between his legs standing proudly up from his lap. My son has a beautiful penis. It looked about six to seven inches.

I remember he said, "this is weird."

"But you like it, don't you?"

He nodded his response, never dropping his smiling grin.

We sat there together facing each other like that for a while. I used one hand to massage my breasts and the other to play with my clitoris after I pulled the strip of my panties to one side. He stroked himself with one hand and kept gently rubbing his hand up and down my thigh as he watched me tickle my clitoris. His mouth was open and I sensed his desire.

It was probably a lot of stimulation for him and he didn't let me know he was going to climax. I was going to take it further but he started ejaculating against his shirt before I could touch him. I set my foot down and leaned in to grab his pulsing manhood and jerk the rest out for him. That's when he started making noise. He didn't squirt too much more of his warm goop into my hand but I'm certain he masturbates daily. Oh my God I can't believe we did that. I told him I really enjoyed it and got up to wash my hands. I tasted my fingers while he was busy with himself. Oh, I want it so bad. Our son tastes different from his father; not better or worse, but different. It's been difficult to stay focused writing this down.

I told him to take his shirt and pants off and to get his dirty clothes so I could do his laundry. It was an odd moment. I felt like I was back in college again and what we had done was just so trivial. Some interesting emotions surfaced. I remained topless the remainder of the evening and enjoyed the wine until just before I expected my husband to return. My son retired to his room and I didn't know what he was thinking. I wanted to check on him and make sure he was alright about what happened. After his father returned, and I was clothed again, I went in to check on our son. He was listening to music, and glowing with happiness. He was high from the experience. We talked some and I told him I loved him and enjoyed what we did. And I let him grope my breasts there in his room. That was kind of an unexpected sudden request he made. He was hard again, but we dare not do anything too involved with his father home. We both want to do more. It's real now. I don't know where this is going to go. My son shows visibly more affection for me now than before, sometimes even in front of his father. It's nothing too revealing but its the longer than usual touch, a lascivious remark or some wild looks. My son made a nearly obscene comment regarding my ass; my husband just kind of glared at him for a moment. I remained unfazed by it. I've been more vocal when my husband pounds me, secretly hoping that our son can hear me. It amplifies my enjoyment to think my son could be masturbating to my passionate cries of getting dicked by his father. It makes my husband and I laugh though when he has to tell me to quiet down. I don't know how my husband would react if he ever found out what happened; certainly plan to keep him in the dark though.

It takes a lot of time to write these events down. I get distracted. I'm sorry if some of this doesn't make sense sometimes. I'll write more when more occurs. It does feel good to talk about it.
Jen Family September 24, 2019 at 5:24 pm 1
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Oh my **** god jen! I’m the one who asked you to write more and THANK YOU! That was **** hot. My cock is so hard right now, I can’t even think straight. My heart was pounding reading that, wondering where it was going... holy shit you are one hot, hot, HOT woman. I would love to do unspeakable things with you...later on, I’m gonna jack it to your story
anonymous 11 months ago
that is the best thing I’ve ever read.
anonymous 11 months ago
Couldn’t help but notice you said “first incident”’like there’s more? Is this something you do a lot? I’m not judging just curious if this is an ongoing thing?
Btw it was a really good story! If you do have more you should tell.
Cynthia 11 months ago
Anon: Thanks. I'm glad I was able to get it written out and you're enjoying it. I appreciate the support.
Cynthia: This started a little bit ago when I recently found my son naked after he masturbated. That post is called "Disturbing Thoughts". You have to click Load More Confessions until it shows since it's been a little while.
Jen 11 months ago
No way, I read that twice that sounds like one of those letters to penthouse it can’t be true, can it? I’m really floored by this, in a way it sounds like a fantasy but I guess I could see it? Idk I’ve only seen shit like this is porn movies. I read the first one she wrote, and I thought that was pretty extreme this is...way extreme. Wish I had a mom like her.
Jarrod 11 months ago
Hey jen
You should describe yourself a little more. And give some “intimate” details about your fit body. How long is your hair? Color? Eye color? And what would be the ultimate fantasy you have about this? If you don’t mind..
Imagining jen 11 months ago
ok this one really has me caught between the moral and the erotic, on one hand it’s incest and the other hand it’s fantasy, and Jen you’ve responded to other comments so I hope you’ll respond to mine, I’ll say this is complete honesty, I’m a father and sometimes my daughter comes out in her panties and I’ll notice and kinda think like what a cute butt she has, but that’s it, I don’t have any other feelings for her, aside from my love as her dad. But I’m not without my secrets, when I was 12 I have a cousin who was 2 years older (female) and I saw her naked. She had a full bush and pretty nice tits, I saw her for about 15 seconds until she noticed and slammed her door on me, I couldn’t get her out my mind the entire day, later that night I masturbated for the first time, I I didn’t even know what I was doing it just felt good to rub it. I came and ever since I’ve been a typical guy. I’m not saying what you did was wrong, cause I don’t feel what I did was wrong, it’s a little closer to home than I would have, but I’ve learned that hormones are very very powerful. So with that being said, I think you are ( or at least sound) incredibly sexy and you are the type of woman that dreams are made of. I hope I’m not embarrassing you. I hope you do continue to share more of yourself and hope you found al little solidarity in my story, theres more taboo stuff out there than you think.
Jeff 11 months ago
Oh I'm sorry. I should have described myself in the main part. I'm 5'7" with straight brunette hair. I let it grow to past my shoulders so it starts to curl at the tips. My eyes are light brown. I'm a 32d bust, at least that's the cup I wear best. We have a treadmill on the sun porch. I like to use it and that's my time alone when I go out there. It helps me clear my mind and get ready for the day. My husband invited me to join him at the gym after we started dating and it stuck with me. I dress conservatively because I work in an office. I have to be professional and dress the part, but sometimes I like to wear red to make the men at my work anxious. My husband says my legs are perfect. The exercise from the treadmill helps to keep me slim. Both my husband and I cook but I cook more often because he doesn't really know what he's doing. He tries, but he and my son will eat garbage if I don't cook. An intimate detail I'll share is that I keep my pubic hair trimmed neat, but I don't like to shave it all off. I get a bit dominant in the bedroom and my favorite position is on top facing my husband because I like to move how I want. My husband would probably say I like it more on my knees with him behind me. That's more of a fantasy position though where it could be anyone dicking me. I certainly have fantasies I like to keep to myself.

Jarrod: I'm here for me. It feels good to write it down and tell others. It's not so important if it's believed, but it makes me feel better that I wrote it out. It should probably bother me that I know I'm perverted but it doesn't. I don't think I'm a bad person, but I have desires. I felt bad about what I did with my son for a few days but it passed. I like porn as much as my husband does but I read more; his tastes are more visual.

Jeff: I know it's incestuous but his youthful energy gets me really hot. I don't really want to have sex with my son though. I think the most I'd do is go down on him, but I would have trouble resisting him if he got dominant and positioned me for intercourse. I'm going to be careful. But he's more confident now and I think it's been good for him. I'd like to see him get a girlfriend. His father sees he's acting differently too.

I haven't made an effort to do anything else; not a good opportunity with how our schedules work. I've spoken with my son about what happened in the kitchen. He's interested to do more but I haven't yet. He flashed me his erect penis in the car the other day, likely expecting me to respond favorably. I told him to put it away and it wasn't the right time. He got embarrassed. It was cute and I told him he needs to have a better sense of things. I had to explain it to him. I know he's a horny kid but he's got to practice better timing.
Jen 10 months ago
Thanks for the mental picture. I wasn’t trying to insinuate anything, it’s your life and your business, it just caught me off guard, I’ve read a few stories on here and yours is definitely the most...”interesting”.
I’ll definitely be looking forward to the next encounter you have.
Out of curiosity do you think he told his friend Lawrence? Kids usually aren’t very good at keeping things like this to themselves, I know personally I’d have a hard time keeping it in, I would just change the whole, and no offense “mom jerking me off part” to someone else
Jeff 10 months ago
I know boys are loose-lipped but he knows better and we've talked about that. Those are the details I've left out because they're boring and not worth confessing. I'm sure he's told friends something happened but left out details of who was involved. We'll have to deal with the fallout if he's been foolish but he's a smart kid.
Jen 10 months ago
If you end up “going down”’on him and he ask for sex or dominants you into that position your gonna let him? Don’t you think when he gets a girlfriend or wife that he’s gonna tell what his first sexual experience was with his mom? That’s gonna be an awkward moment between you two. Do have any other kids? The one comment from the last post said to **** his friend, your better off doing that than messing with your son anymore. have you guys done anything since the last time
Ryan 10 months ago
HELL YEAH!! A little love from mommy, do you babysit?? If you think 6-7 inches is a good size, then we’re in business! How about some regular sex stories? I’d love to hear how you ****.
Mr sinister 10 months ago
I’m glad you posted this. When my son was in high school, he was on the junior varsity swim team. One day he forget his gym bag so I had to bring it to him at school, I remember walking into the pool area only to see all the hard bodied 16/17 year boys. I knew they’d be there but I didn’t expect to get so hot looking at them. It’s like she said the “memory”’of being that age and remembering how my young my husband was when I met him. Anyways I watched his entire practice, I wasn’t attracted to my son, but his teammates, all smooth and wet got me so turned on, I fucked my husband so hard that night, I had to masturbate even after we had sex from being so hot. We went to his meets and events and a few times I had to finger myself just to calm down, needless to say my husband was the recipient of my secret fantasy.
One night my son had some friends over for the night, and they slept in our pool house, they stayed up until midnight or so but when they fell asleep I walked in and masturbated to their shirtless bodies. I wanted so bad to wake one of them up and have him eat my pussy, but I didn’t. It was a HUGE disappointment to me that I got to nervous to do it. So jen I suggest you make up for my mistake. Find his cutest friend and **** him. I don’t really agree with your attraction to your son but I also don’t judge. Also the way you described yourself and what you did got me a little wet, I haven’t touched myself in awhile (I’m almost 48 ahhh!) but I did to your story.
Susan 9 months ago
This is some kind of ******* family stroke story. The ****.
Alexa 9 months ago
What the **** jen??? It’s been like a couple months, tell us some more of what’s going on. Don’t be shy now!!
Imagining jen 8 months ago
My son is more assertive and daring. He's not getting along with his father well. He's more confident and stands his ground. He got himself a girlfriend, not Kaitlyn. I heard and caught them screwing in his room. My son denies telling his friend Lawrence about what's happening between us, but Lawrence said some revealing things. I might be reading into it too deep though. I'm on a break. I will write what happened since then when I have more time.
Jen 8 months ago
I’ve wondered if anything else happened. Can’t wait.
Cynthia 8 months ago
Any day jen...still waiting
Mr sinister 7 months ago
What the **** jen??? No updates???
anonymous 5 months ago
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