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I want to end myself, have done for years, only thing stopping me is my mum, I wanna give up so badly, just one less person to give a crap about

anonymous Miscellaneous March 31, 2020 at 5:58 pm 1
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Hey, just stop and tell your mum bout your problems. I'm sure she'll help.
anonymous 2 months ago
Well if you're thinking of snuffing it.. Then why don't you do something you would never do if you cared for your safety or security? Take a trip to Japan, China, Egypt, or travel through Europe or South America. Learn to crack a safe, or rob an online bank, or buy some cryptocurrency. Hire a dominant woman to beat you senseless, or infiltrate a drug cartel and build their trust to one day rob them blind.

Get creative. Seek the most creative way to remove yourself from your comfort-zone. Challenge yourself to find something to live for.
Mr.Obvious 2 months ago
Yeah unfortunately I can’t tell her anything about this stuff she would freak and as fro the do something up out of my comfort zone to give me something to live for, I was trying to get my life on track, I was attempting to try new things, it just doesn’t work for me, I always end up back here
anonymous 6 days ago
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