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Chinatown Bus Ride

Chinatown Bus Ride

I like to ride a bus route around town that goes through Chinatown. I have a fetish compulsion to record me exhibiting myself in public. Something occurred recently that went outside what I'm used to though. While it was very enjoyable, and what I wanted at the time, I didn't expect for it to make me feel this uneasy and nervous.

I was sitting in the row at the back most part of the bus on the entry-side. An older Chinese woman and a small girl got on that I expected to see again because they were on the last two times I exposed myself. Those past times I sat in the aisle seat that is one row forward and I exposed my penis and masturbated. The last two times I've masturbated for them, they sat on the back row on the driver side. Their seat allows them to be able to watch me without me seeing them. The woman takes the window seat with the girl beside her. The Chinese woman lets the girl watch as she acts unaware. I've caught the girl watching me before. I love it. I always bust my load for them before my stop arrives. Last time before this one I made it obvious and angled my erection to ejaculate into the aisle for the girl to watch.

So the older Chinese woman gets on with the girl and they take a seat on the back row with me, but instead sat beside me and placed the girl on the seat between us. I already had my penis out because I was excited of them likely getting on again and I was holding it upward against my stomach, hidden beneath my shirt. I set my phone to record and placed it against a side-rail beside me to face us. I hadn't used this spot before so it was difficult to set up but I got it to stay. The woman greeted me and started making small talk. The little girl was keeping an eye on me. As the woman made small talk I started rubbing myself through my shirt and talking to her until I worked up the nerve to reveal myself. Once I let some of my shaft begin to show while slowly massaging myself, the woman asked why I liked to do this. I was nervous and simply told her it was fun to do. I knew she wasn't going to do anything and liked watching so I exposed myself to them both and started masturbating. The little girl was very attentive and liked watching me.

Several moments passed and the woman asked if I was clean. I had no idea why she'd ask such a forward question, but I said yeah. She says something to the little girl in Chinese, and that's when things got crazy. Next I know, the little girl's right hand is on my shaft and she's jerking me pretty good and squeezing me hard. It felt so wrong but really good too. I quickly got really hard. I looked around and had to beware of other passengers, but I at least know the bus driver and he doesn't care I do this as long as I'm careful.

The woman said more things to the girl in Chinese and I couldn't take my eyes off her manipulating me. I thought about telling them when I was about to shoot, but I held back and began flexing. I started slowly leaking ejaculate. I heard more Chinese gibberish and I let it go. The first shot ripped from me upward and over the railing in front of us and splashed somewhere on the stairs for the rear exit. The girl leaned over me and I felt her mouth close around the tip of my penis, but not before she took a hard squirt against the side of her face and hair. It was instinct to want to press her head down on me deeper but I suppressed the urge. I didn't want to scare her or freak either of them out. I let her do her thing. I pumped into her mouth. It was awesome. I didn't expect anything like that to happen. She must've swallowed because I didn't see her spit after she came off me. After we finished I thanked the woman and the little girl and put myself away. The woman quickly cleaned the girl's face with napkins she produced from a handbag while mildly scolding me for making a mess of the girl. I was high on bliss and patted the girl gently on her leg as a universally-understood thanks. I felt messed up from the experience though and more awkward than usual. I got off at the wrong stop because I wasn't thinking and ended up walking farther to my neighborhood.

The video didn't end the best because the girl's hair was mostly in the way when I climaxed in her mouth, but it's obvious what happened. It shows me squirting once out forward then hitting the side of her face before she takes me in her mouth. I got all of her jerking me off though and the woman's Chinese speaking came though alright. I will never share that video though. I probably won't show this one to my friend either.
Bus Rider Fetishes August 13, 2019 at 7:42 pm 1
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wow, thats arousing as ****. I don't have the nerve to exhibit myself but I seen stuff like this. Is the chance of something real happening part of the attraction to flashing people? such a weird thing to do.
Jake 11 months ago
wow. so ur one of those people. I'm always cautious of guys that sit in the back of the buses. I've seen guys jerking off while riding the metro. what is it about others possibly watching that gets you off. Go get a girlfriend!
Alicia 11 months ago
OMG!! I feel better knowing what I did isn't any near bad as this.
Jen 10 months ago
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