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Bogus Female

Bogus Female

Everyone one has an opinion and is entitled to about trans-gender people. In my humble opinion, any guy who has a penis and testicles in no way is a woman. I've been living in an up scale condo for the last five years and approximately a year and a half ago a trans-gender young man moved into the complex. I seriously thought he was a female for a long time. He is approximately 5'5" very slim and wears light brown wigs in 3 different styles. I never spoke to him/her but saw him on a regular basis. As time went on there were rumors about him but nothing out of the ordinary that made me suspect anything bad about him/her. A few months ago the condo association began admitting to complaints by many of the female occupants. This guy regularly used the ladies restrooms at the clubhouse, restaurant, and women's locker room at the pool and recreation area. I spoke to my girlfriend about it and she confirmed that this shemale saw her naked many times since he moved in. She confirmed this guy saw numerous females naked during the year including teenage girls and small children. I am friendly with the president of the condo association and I couldn't believe the number of complaints he had yet there was never a vote to do anything about it. They were all afraid of political correctness and offending trans-gender people.

On Wednesday July 10th he was banned from using the woman's locker room, showers and restrooms. The more I learned about the complaints made by numerous women, the more angry I became. In mid July I did speak to him for the first time but only semi-threating telling him he needs to get his ass kicked. I didn't hear all the complaints but these I did. Two women saw him masturbating on his back patio. The back patios have a partial enclosure but still visible from the walk way. Three other women on separate occasions saw him outside naked but not masturbating. Then a 12 and 13 year old girls saw him naked and masturbating in late June. I later found out there are a total of 14 other complaints about his nudity and masturbation I don't know the details of. The police were finally notified in July and at present there is an investigation about it all. I just hope this asshole gets locked up for a long time. From what I understand is he seemed to expose himself to other young girls between the ages of 9 to 15. I assume also that other women or girls never informed the association about his nudity.
Mitch Miscellaneous August 01, 2019 at 12:26 pm 1
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We had a tranny (more like a cross-dresser, arguably the same thing) in our apartment complex that had complaints collecting about him flashing people. Word circulated the complex but no one made an official police complaint because of the social-cultural fear thing like in your situation. Eventually it got worse until he was arrested for molesting and ejaculating on two girls (8 & 9) on the stair platform between apartments, while also filming it. I knew the nine-year olds' parents and shit got crazy. We tracked him down but we didn't have to get physical because it was already going badly for him. Another tenant was also arrested that night for smashing a glass bottle into his head moments before the police arrived. I for one will not trust these trannies. It's been my experience that a pervert is a pervert; period.
Trevor 4 months ago
Some people masquerade as LGBT but are really predators. I know of stuff like this that happens around where we're at. There is a lesbian woman that was arrested a month ago that lives on my street because she molested a twelve year old boy. They are a nice couple though, and I heard from her girlfriend what happened with the boy. It was essentially consensual but of course the state maintains that people below set ages cannot consent. That law can't be further from the truth and is extremely misleading though since people can certainly consent as soon as they learn to communicate.

This is the world we live in. Protecting children from perverts has always been an issue for as long as people have been around. Laws don't really do anything though except provide people a false sense of security. It's always been up to the family to keep track of their kids' activities and who they're spending time with. Kids can still get ambushed by predators in the short distance from them getting off the bus to getting home. Predators and criminals are opportunists so there is no way to truly prevent someone from exploiting a child.

And that's horrible about the two girls, Trevor. I hope they weren't hurt.
Melissa 4 months ago
There are a lot of videos of flashers and exhibitionists filming what they do. It's some kind of weird trending fetish these days. I don't understand it, but that's why I guess it's a fetish.
wtf 4 months ago
This is kind of relevant, but not a confession. I caught a child rapist last year. There is a kids playground at a park by the marina near where I live. It's not a good place for a playground now, but it wasn't always this bad. There's a lot of transients that come through there because of the boat docks, so it's a lot of new people, drug dealers and seedy pervs. There is a jogging route that runs beside it that separates the park from a patch of shrubbery and forest. I didn't have my earbuds in at the moment and I heard a girl sobbing and whimpering. I scooted between the bushes about where I heard the noises and I found a guy and a small girl. He had to of been later 30's and she looked about 8 to 10. I was kind of apprehensive because the guy was slightly bigger than me but I overcame it and did what I knew I had to. It was too late though and he already raped her. I pulled him away from her and was going to hit him in the head but he attacked me to get free. I hit him really hard on the back while we struggled, and I must've tagged his kidney because it dropped him . I don't fight, almost never, but I got lucky because he really could have leveled me if he got a good hit in. The girl was in bad shape, crying. The sight of her naked in that condition is burned into my head and it still hurts. I called 911 and managed to get the girl calm enough to pull her clothes back up. She was scared. I called for help from people nearby but only one other person about my same build came to aid. I told him the guy had raped her and he helped me detain the guy. He gave us some trouble, and we essentially ended up laying atop him with his arms twisted up behind his back. The police arrived and he was arrested. The girl's parents weren't at the park, and she went to the hospital with EMS. I expect the parents left her there while they were off somewhere else. The guy had probably watched who was coming and going and singled the girl out.

So that is my one good thing I can remember, but what bothers me the most is that this happens all the time. I no longer jog with earbuds in, and I'm glad I heard her that day. These people are out there. That was a straight up child rapist, but I will not trust any man acting like a woman to enter the girls bathrooms either. That is some bullshit. I'm thinking about applying for concealed carry. It would have made things a lot easier if I could have held the guy at gunpoint; even handcuffs would have been greatly useful.
Thomas 4 months ago
this will become greater problem as these people are allowed to keep doing this. we have same problem in my country. we give pass to illegal activity for them that are queer or pervert. children suffer most from this. men go to parks in woman clothes to relieve theirselves making children to watch. they get ticketed and told to leave. until last year two girls was raped now the parks safe for children no longer. its stupid leftism policies. dumb people are very dumb.
Manni 4 months ago
Only relevant because of the discussion about security of kids, but you can't protect everyone all the time. My daughter was sexually molested at her school by a faculty member when she was 11. You can't stop events from occurring, but we must take action when they do and demand no-leniency with punishment. I don't care what sex someone identifies as long as they can keep their grubby prick beaters off our children.
SayNoToPervies 3 months ago
I've been on both sides of this argument. I've been bisexual since before I was a teenager. I wasn't molested but I willingly engaged in sexual activity with other kids and adults. There are still a lot of people that don't understand how people can be sexual at young ages. They just won't get it because it's not how they spent their childhood. There's more than one culture in the America's from what I hear. There are conservatives and liberals, though the liberals appear to not be real liberals. Liberals supposed to be allowing others do do as they want, but American liberals sound fascist and restrictive of speech, even though they want to do drugs and have sex with children. I don't understand the US people that well but the news paints both their camps to look crazy. I know some folks don't want their kids to be sexual, but I also understand children can initiate and want sexual activity. Now I hear girls as young as 11 can go topless in some of their states. That is going to attract predators, but the girls that would do that are also possibly looking for sexual activity anyway. Even if they have good strong president, I think it's too late for those people. Americans have been divided and are being conquered by themselves.
Herb 2 months ago
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